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Dear Lesya
Thank you very much for your complement.
We will be always in touch with you for our future trip : Sochi
My experience is your company is very sincere for organising tour of overseas tourists.
All the best
Yours sincerely



Dear Ms Lesya/team,

Good day, thanks for all the arrangements done for these clients, just took their feedback they were happy with the tour, They felt st peterburg guides & driver were slightly better than moscow.

Thanks & Regards



Hola Lesya,

El martes regresamos de nuestro viaje. Globalmente fue muy bien: la organización, los guias... Todo el grupo ha estado muy contento con, por eso queríamos darles las gracias por su profesionalidad y eficiencia.



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Sightseeing at Lake Baikalprint version


Every year Lake Baikal attracts more and more travelers from all over the world. Listvyanka is the most popular place on Baikal lake, because the village is the easiest possibility to reach Lake Baikal. It is approximately 70 km away from Irkutsk and directly situated at the delta of the Angara River at Lake Baikal. The lovely village has approximately 1500 inhabitants and stretches over 5 km in an arc along the coast of the lake and its tourist infrastructure is developing faster than anywhere else in Siberia due to tourists coming from all over the world to see Lake Baikal.

In the village there is a church of St. Nicolas, built in the middle of the 19th century, a small Baikal zoo, and a private picture gallery. In addition there is a Limnological museum (Baikal museum) which shows many exhibits about the largest fresh water reservoir of the earth. Listvyanka has its own landing stage from where you can reach Irkutsk, Olchon and Severobaikalsk, or you can simply take a boat trip.

The most current leisure activity of the locals is during the day is fishing and in the evening (except Omul food) the Russian sauna, called Banya. In nice weather a journey (drive) with the cable railway to the vantage point "Tscherski" is worthwhile for tourist and in winter one can also do skiing there. If you walk about 2-3 kilometers away from the village (there are some paths along the lake up north), you'll be able to enjoy Lake Baikal in all its beauty. more

Bolschie Koty

Bolshie Koty (or Big Cats) and Bolshoe Goloustnoe are villages of only 150-200 residents. They are situated right on the shore of Lake Baikal, southeast of Irkutsk. There is no regular ground transport between Irkutsk and both villages. During the summer, residents and visitors use water transportation. In winter "ice" roads connect the village with the outside. Today the villages are mainly known for there picturesque views of wooden architecture and Siberian forests, surrounded by mountains and the lake. Both are located at little shallower bays in which the water at the shore warms up a little bit. For real lovers of nature both villages will make a stay at Lake Baikal a peaceful and unforgettable impression. more

Olchon island

You can go from Irkutsk by public coach and than ferry boat to Chuschir or by boat (hydrofoil) directly. Chuzhir is the main village of the island on which live about 1500 residents in several villages and settlements. Most people living on the island are Buryats, who traditionally are fishermen or farmers. If you get a chance to speak to one of them, you will quickly sense the significance of traditions and rituals passed from generation to generation, in which Olkhon plays the central role of a sacred place. The best time to visit Olkhon is June to August. Because Olkhon is a part of a National Park during summer months visitors are required to pay an entrance fee.

Because of so many tourists had been coming to Olkhon a lot of new tourist infrastructure has been built during the last years. But still on an island walk you find wild places and shamans. On the island you might rent horses or bikes, and who isn’t afraid of cold water will have plenty possibilities to swim in lake Baikal. more


Who wants to get to know the traditions of the Buryat shamans, we recommend to visit Ust-Urda. The journey by the car leads through the Siberian Tundra up to the village Ust Orda in the middle of nowhere. There is a nice historical museum and it’s possible to take part in a shaman's ritual, to try traditional Buryat food. If you want to visit Ust-Orda or you would like to book any other excursion, please contact us.