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EVOL01 / A guded tour around the city with an excursion to Mamayev Kurgan

For the heroism shown during the battle, Stalingrad was awarded the title Hero City in 1945, and King George VI of the United Kingdom awarded the citizens of Stalingrad a jeweled sword in appreciation of the bravery that they had shown. A memorial complex commemorating the battle, dominated by an immense allegorical sculpture of Mother Russia, was erected on the Mamayev Kurgan, a hill that saw some of the most intense fighting during the battle.

The Panorama museum, which is located alongside the Volga river, contains artifacts from World War II. These include a panoramic painting of the battlefield from the location of the monument "Mamayev Kurgan." Here a rifle of the famous sniper Vasily Zaytsev, can also be found.

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EVOL01 3.5 hours YES YES $61 $35 $35 $25 $25 $25


Approximately an hour drive from Volgograd is where the Staraya Sarepta national park can be found. The locks of the Volga-Don Canal will be passed on the way. Sarepta is preserved as an original example of an early German settlement built on orders of Ekaterina II in 1763. The initial purpose of such settlement would be to protect the sity of Volgograd from the South, but gradualy it became more of a centre for commers and education. The excursion gives detailed account of the settlement's history. Its backed up by visits to 14 oldest in Sarepta houses where the development of various industries may be explored. An ancient apothecary, an old cellar (or was it a dangeon?), a church that holds its service in Russian and German and the only one in Russia Experimental German Library are amongst main landmarks of this charming historical settlement.

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EVOL02 5 hours YES YES 0 0 0 0 0 0


30 km and approximately half-hour by car... Don't worry, you will be entertained by the gude telling you about the development of Volzhsk — the greenest town of Russia, built some 50 years ago due to erection of the Volga HEP station. This is a great example of how, in a middle of nowhere, a purely industrial town may appear due to some straightforward planning and a demand for further development of Soviet Energetical System.

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EVOL03 9 hours YES YES $176 $88 $88 $73 $73 $73