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Dear Lesya
Thank you very much for your complement.
We will be always in touch with you for our future trip : Sochi
My experience is your company is very sincere for organising tour of overseas tourists.
All the best
Yours sincerely



Dear Ms Lesya/team,

Good day, thanks for all the arrangements done for these clients, just took their feedback they were happy with the tour, They felt st peterburg guides & driver were slightly better than moscow.

Thanks & Regards



Hola Lesya,

El martes regresamos de nuestro viaje. Globalmente fue muy bien: la organización, los guias... Todo el grupo ha estado muy contento con, por eso queríamos darles las gracias por su profesionalidad y eficiencia.



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All prices are in Roubles and are valid from 01.01.2024 till 31.12.2024.

All excursions for 1 or 2 people will be carried out by our standard class cars without air-conditioner. For groups of more than 2 people we offer Minivans and Minibuses without air-conditioner. All prices include the fee of a guide who speaks one of the following languages: English and German.

If you would like to book a guide who speaks other languages, please contact us.

Botanic Gardens and the Tree World

This beautiful park boasts more than 2500 examples of the world’s flora scattered over the grounds that cover vast territory of about hundred football pitches. Its a great place to learn something about trees or just to get away from it all. The park has two parts connected by the subway crossing. The upper garden is set on the hills where all the exotic plants make for many a secluded spot. The lower part is a flat ground of a seemingly natural landscape dotted with lakes where swans and ducks compliment the relaxing surroundings. One of the main attractions of the park is a room filled with fish tanks: a sea world within the Tree World really.

Honey Bees in the «Apiary of the Highland»

If you are fond of bees this is the place for you. 60 separate beehive yards make up the largest in Europe apiary. The guided walk through the apiary will reveal the facts about the Caucasian Bee — the most proficient honey bee in the world. After the walk the honey may be tasted and samples may be purchased.

Excursion to the Trout Farm

One hundred and eleven ponds make up this largest in Russia trout-breeding ground. Normally, if left to its own devices, a life span of a trout is about 10 to 12 years. Here they are utilized in just a four year time and provide a steady supply to the trout lovers of Russia and abroad. A guided walk around the farm provides the visitors with good insight into the process and fills in on the details. Later on, an opportunity to participate in sport-fishing activities and a chance to sample the delicatessen at the local will be offered to the participants of the excursion.