General City Information

Back in the day the Russian fortress of Pskov was set to protect the border to Latvia and Estonia. It was built somewhat 290 km southwest of St. Petersburg, at the river Velikaya Pskovna. The town has approx. 201,000 inhabitants.

A very little known about history of the old Pskov. We know that an old Slovenian tribe Kriwits is responsible for the early settlement of Pskov. It was repeatedly attacked by the Mongols, the Teutonic Knights, Lithuanians, Polish and Swedes. In 1701 the town became a fortress by the decree of Peter the Great. Although the exact year of the foundation is unknown, officially the 1100 years anniversary of Pskov was celebrated in the year 2003.

Today Pskov is known as a religious center and a popular place of pilgrimage because of its famous monastery Pechory. The monastery was built around the cave named Petschora.

The place is still retaining the secrets of the old school icon painting. Anybody, who is interested in this rare craft and wants to witness Russia’s medieval flair, is strongly advised to pay Pskov a visit. The old fortress is still beautiful and boasts its many authentic churches, including The Kremlin of Pskov.

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