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 The Lovers' Bridge in Tyumen

The Lovers Bridge in Tyumen

Tyumen is located on the Tura River 2,144 km east of Moscow. With the population of 511000 this is the administrative center of Tyumen Oblast in the Federal District of Urals.

Tyumen. Summer view

Tyumen. Summer view

Tyumen was the first Russian town in Siberia. Feodor I of Russia has founded it in 1586 on the site of the Siberian Tartar town of Chimgi-Tura. Yermak Timofeyevich annexed the region of Tyumen part of Siberia Khanate to Russia in 1585. The following year the town of Tyumen was founded as a Russian fort post. In the 17th–18th centuries, Tyumen became an important trade center on the routes to Central Asia, China and Persia as well as the place that produced leather and handcrafted goods. In 1836, the first steamboat of Siberia was built in Tyumen and in 1885 the Trans-Siberian railway has reached the town.

The colour avenue

The colour avenue

During the 1930s Tyumen became a major Siberian industrial city of the Soviet Union. Steamboats, cargo ships, furniture, fur and leather clothing—all were produced in Tyumen. During The World War II (aka the Great Patriotic War in Russia), Lenin’s body was moved from Moscow to a disguised tomb at the Tyumen Agriculture Institute. Also during the war numerous factories were evacuated to Tyumen from the European part of the Soviet Union. Many kinds of military equipment were produced in the city.

Tyumen is a capital of villages (Old part of the city)

Tyumen is a capital of villages (Old part of the city)

In 1948, oil was discovered in Tyumen region, and in the 1960s and 1970s the oil industry became a vital component of the city’s economy. Today Tyumen is an important center for the gas and oil industries in Russia. The living standards of Tyumen residents are only second to those of Moscow in Russia. Companies such as Gazprom, LUKoil and Yukos have much of their activities centered in Tyumen.

The Museum of local history is one a very few in the world that boast a complete mammoth skeleton.

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